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What is the engine block material and how to repair the engine block?
Published:2020.06.17 News source: Views:

The engine block, which can be said to act as a brain of the engine, has the effect of temperature regulation. But when it comes to the engine block material, many of our little friends didn't understand it. Today, Yuhuan Shuangliang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. will give you a general introduction.

There are two kinds of cylinder block materials commonly used on the market, namely, cast iron and aluminum alloy. But now the proportion of aluminum alloy cylinder is higher and higher, because cast iron cylinder not only has the disadvantages of large weight and poor heat dissipation, but also has relatively high friction coefficient, so when working, it will naturally consume more energy. The aluminum alloy cylinder block can make up for the shortcomings of cast iron, but at the same time, it also has disadvantages. It is easy to react with the water generated during combustion. In other words, the corrosion resistance is not as good as cast iron.

How to repair the engine block:

1. First, sand out the rust around the cracks of cylinder block with coarse sandpaper. When it is polished to a certain extent, we can find the end of the cracks.

2. Then, it's OK to directly carry out the welding patching machine. But pay attention to the warpage of the welding part. If there is any, it is necessary to knock the welding part while it is hot to avoid some welding slag left on it.

3. After the repair, we need to put a layer of asbestos pad on the repair plate and cylinder (cylinder head), and then apply a layer of lubricating oil on both sides.

It is worth mentioning that whether the engine block can be repaired or not depends on the actual situation. First of all, if it is a dry and wet engine cylinder block, it is generally difficult to repair. After all, the cylinder liner of this cylinder block is very thin, so it can only be replaced with a new cylinder block. If it is a wet engine cylinder block, and the degree of rupture is relatively small, we can bore the cylinder and change the cylinder liner, but in serious cases, we must replace the new cylinder block.

Secondly, we have to look at the location of the fracture. If it is in the middle of the engine, we just need to repair it according to the above-mentioned methods. But if it is at the cylinder pad of the engine, it will be a bit old, so we can only replace the new cylinder block.

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