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How to adjust the automobile brake master cylinder?
Published:2022.11.02 News source:Yuhuan Shuangliang Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. Views:

1. Find the push rod of the pump. There are two screws on the push rod. Adjust the stroke of the push rod by tightening and loosening the screws, that is, the height as the saying goes.

2. The brake master cylinder, also known as "brake master cylinder" and "brake master cylinder", is the main supporting part of the whole vehicle braking system. The brake master cylinder that uses oil brakes has a tank for storing brake oil on its top, and a piston and an oil inlet and outlet on its bottom.

3. When the brake is pressed, the piston receives the thrust of the brake pedal in the cylinder, and then acts through the push rod to transmit the brake oil pressure in the cylinder to the wheel brake cylinders to generate the brake function. When the brake pedal is released, the oil outlet in the brake master cylinder will be closed and the oil inlet will be opened, allowing brake oil to flow back from the brake slave cylinders to the brake master cylinder and return to the original state.

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